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Institute for Transformational Leadership Foundation

We work for a better and different future that is inclusive and sustainable.

The IfTL Foundation was born with the purpose of uniting and promoting the social and educational action that the Institute for Transformational Leadership has carried out since its creation.

With its appearance, the IfTL Community renews its commitment to deepen the analysis of contemporary economic and social reality and contribute, in an active and practical way, to the creation of a better and different future that is inclusive and sustainable.

From the IfTL foundation we put ourselves at the service of the Social Sector by offering our Holistic Model that promotes transformation and social leadership through training and support to individuals, teams and organizations.

We generate the changes that allow alignment and commitment to achieve the goals set and extraordinary results.


We transform the present by creating a better and different future.

We collaborate with Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) in the professionalization and improvement of their internal processes to increase their efficiency and maximize their impact.




We train transformative leaders, who contribute to the creation of a more inclusive future, based on our holistic Model and through our own Methodology.

From the IfTL Foundation we invite you to become the Transformative Leader that your Organization and Society need.

We offer you 4 paths of development in leadership and transformation skills, personal and of your organization. You can choose between our Inspirational Talks and Dynamics, follow one of our Focused Courses, deepen into the key areas of Leadership and Transformation with the Transformational Challenge Program, or take the Advanced Transformational Leadership Program in which for 6 months you will learn the basics of Leadership and Social Transformation.


We build visions for a new future that allow us to create a better and different society that is more inclusive and sustainable.

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«At the service of organizations that contribute to an inclusive and sustainable future to achieve an exponential impact».

Àlex Grasas
IfTL Foundation Patron
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