Asociación Colaboración y Esfuerzo

ACOES is a development NGO, whose purpose is to carry out non-profit humanitarian aid projects for children and the general population of Honduras. We promote access to education, as a right and a tool for social transformation.

The NGO ACOES quotesIFTL – Institute for Transformational Leadership in its memory with these words of thanks:

“This strategic consultancy specialized in managing change processes in large organizations, met ACOES on a visit during the summer and got involved in a process of transformation of ACOES, to ensure that Honduran youth empower, understand and live the spirit of learning to share. They are helping us to discover the resources that we have ourselves that can help us improve.

They suggested several structural changes that we are implementing, giving more autonomy to university students, sharing decision-making capacity and responsibility and initiating the development of an Advanced Transformational Leadership program (ProALT) for a group of ACOES university students and for recent graduates. undergraduate ”